Very Rare   Curiosities
Square & Pyramid & Human face & Heart
The watermelon

Three watermelon brothers who appeared at last

A square watermelon of surprise developed now ten several years ago by an assiduous farmer of Kagawa

A square watermelon is announced by Kagawa, and, the about 10 years later, a pyramid watermelon appears from Hokkaido

Several years later, a triangle human face watermelon appears successively from Fukuoka

I look forward to next what kind of watermelon comes out!

no comment!!

This is only for appreciation purpose. 
No guarantee for its taste.

The Square watermelon of Okumura, which has been
televised by Shizuoka SBS TV, gets far better taste
compared to last year's ones.  Its taste is almost same as
a normal watermelon



The Square watermelon of Okumura was cut during
the on-air of Shizuoka SBS-TV "TV-Yukan"
A newscaster, Ms. Mizuno said it was delicious after
eating the watermelon.  It is true that she ate it, but
I am not sure whether or not it really tasted good.
Probably just a part of it tasted good.


Can you imagine the inside of The Square watermelon
It is a secret!
If you are eager to know it, you can find an entrance to
know it somewhere in our homepage of
"Kudamono no sato Okumura".
Please do not get lost in our big homepage.

Sales space for The Square,Pyramid, Heart &
Human face 
watermelon is here.

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